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John Digweed – Structures (Bedrock Records)

Postby ziz00_909 » Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:17 am


John Digweed – ‘Structures’ (Bedrock Records)
CD1 & CD2 – compiled and mixed by John Digweed

+ Bonus DVD – ‘Eye Of The Storm’ Documentary by Pablo Casacuberta
+ ‘John Digweed Live at the Vagabond’ + Slideshow & Extras
released 12th July 2010

2010 is proving to be a fantastic year for music and a great year for the ever-impressive Bedrock Records. For his latest album venture, ‘Structures’, John Digweed has selected an exceptional 33 tracks, bringing together the latest Bedrock single releases and a plethora of unreleased, exclusive tracks and remixed tracks from ‘Bedrock Eleven’, all mixed together to perfection the man himself.

The totally tuned-in, turned-on, forward thinking mix across 2xCDs, not only features the amazing music of big guns like Cristian Varela, Guy J, Christian Smith, Quivver, King Unique, Nick Warren, Mutant Clan, John Digweed & Nick Muir, but also showcases the label’s desire to push forward the rising stars of the future. A glance through the tracklist reveals the impressive talents of Rowdent, Dimitri Nakov, Marc Marzenit, Ian O`Donovan, Sian, Luis Junior and many more. The additional bonus of featuring some of the best remix work from Nic Fanciulli, Pete Heller, Psycatron and more, only confirms that John Digweed has his finger firmly on the pulse of the electronic dance scene in 2010. It’s an international showcase from this influential label that is hard to beat.

‘Structures’ is further enhanced by the inclusion of a bonus DVD featuring ‘Eye Of The Storm’, a visual masterpiece documentary, filmed on John’s last tour of South America by Pablo Casacuberta ( ). His exceptional creativity assumes that the viewing audience has a certain awareness of John Digweed’s “public persona” and hence seeks to take a glimpse his inner life, thinking processes and his imagination using visual metaphors that can illustrate them in a graphic way. It’s an approach that reinvigorates the somewhat formulaic music documentary genre, and takes it to another enthralling level. NB – You can get a further insight into the making of this documentary as Pablo Casacuberta discusses his artistic approach, below.

It seems amazing that through such an illustrious career so far, John Digweed has never had a live DJ mix made commercially available! But, ‘John Digweed Live at the Vagabond’, recorded live at the 9th Annual Bedrock/Creations Party at Vagabond Miami 27th March 2010, included here on the ‘Structures’ bonus DVD is yet another musical milestone. It’s a live mix complete with slideshow that captures the essence of this amazing Bedrock party for posterity.
’Structures’ is released 12th July 2010 on Bedrock Records.

CD 1 *New unreleased
1. Luis Junior – Colache – Sometimes Mix*
2. Alex Dolby & Santos – Babylon – John Daly Remix*
3. Wiretappeur – My Real Name Is*
4. Mutant Clan – On and Amp – Vincenzo Remix*
5. Alex Dolby & Santos – No Walls – Maher Daniel Remix*
6. Dirty Mongrel – Cream – Wiretappeur Remix*
7. King Roc & Dimitri Nakov – Alameda Jau Dub*
8. Cristian Verela – Colmedream
9. Rowdent – Put It To Bed*
10. Quivver – Boom Boom
11. Cristian Verela – Perras A Tutti
12. King Unique – 2000000 Dubs*
13. King Unique – 2000000 Suns – John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix
14. Quivver – In Your Boat

CD 2 *New unreleased
1. Nick Warren – In Search Of Silver – Structures Edit*
2. Guy J – Esperanza – Umbral Aguir Remix*
3. Marc Marzenit – Unexpiritualized – Pete Heller Remix*
4. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Meteor – Beats*
5. Ian O`Donovan – Aurora Borealis
6. Marco Bailey – Jungle Laps – John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix*
7. Marc Marzenit – Neo Galaxy*
8. Saints and Sinners – Pushin’ Too Hard – Nic Fanciulli Remix
9. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Tangent – Marco Bailey Remix*
10. Christian Smith – Flyertalk – Wehbba Remix*
11. Mutant Clan – Persuader – Psycatron Remix*
12. Cristian Verela – Etiam
13. Sian – Dreams Are Maps*
14. Marco Bailey & Tom Hades – Rayavadee
15. King Unique – Feniksas
16. Luis Junior – BG – Beats*
17. Erphun & Thee O – Collusion*
18. Guy J – Esperanza – Sistema Remix*
19. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Satellite – EFX*

+ BONUS DVD‘Eye Of The Storm’ – Documentary by Pablo Casacuberta + ‘John Digweed – Live at the Vagabond’. Recorded at the Bedrock/Creations Party at Vagabond Miami 27th March 2010 + Slideshow + Documentary Slideshow + Vagabond slideshow + Bedrock Artwork Slideshow
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