1 on 1 with Daniel Wanrooy?

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1 on 1 with Daniel Wanrooy?

Postby e-sam » Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:00 am


This interview was conducted by our dear member, talented DJ & producer Raneem. Thanks man!

1- Hey Daniel!!! What’s up?! Spending good time in the studio lately, huh?
Hi man, yeah it has been a quite hectic time!!! But it was definitely worth it. I spent most time to work for my upcoming In Trance We Trust compilation, which is scheduled for early October. I also felt asleep in the studio recently, but I don’t know if that is “spending good time”?

2- A lot of quality remixes and production from your side recently, and all getting great support from the big names! Any new forthcoming stuff that you expect to leave even a better impression to the listeners?
I always try to improve and involve my sounds, and I notice that I get a little more knowledge each time after another release, which is great. As I hear my own music, I can hear that I became better last couple years. But also programs get better and I bought myself some hardware. I finished and Signed 4 new tracks which will see daylight soon. “Daniel Wanrooy ft Melissa Mathes – What you want”, “Daniel Wanrooy & Rene Havelaar – Bittersweet” and “Daniel Wanrooy – Showtime” will be released at Black Hole Recordings. “Daniel Wanrooy & Rene Havelaar – B52” will be released at Spinnin’. Besides that I did 2 remixes and other stuff that I hope to sign soon. So enough to look forward to :)

3- We remember you started releasing your stuff under your “Odyssee” alias, then you released a full album under “Progression” along with Robin Van De Wiel, and now you’re working solo..What’s up with that?
Yeah that’s a long story… I rather look forward than looking back, but I will explain a little what happened. The fact is that I spent so much more time in the studio during the album that we couldn’t speak about a collaboration anymore in my opinion. Of course we talked a lot about this and we tried to do anything to go on, but we decided that it didn’t work anymore the way it should be. I really regret that I had to start from scratch again and build up a new name and that our strong aliases where we put our soul into just died a slow death. Maybe I will do a remix some day of an older Progression or Odyssee tune…

4- Hmm..and should we expect a Daniel Wanrooy album soon? And any possibility work again with Robin?
I think it’s not time for a solo album yet, but if a label asks me this year or next year, I would definitely go for that! There is nothing better than your own album, believe me! It’s like dating a bisexual topmodel who doesn’t mind inviting her friends for a sleepingparty… THAT feeling! Hmm, I don’t think a collab with Robin will occur in the future…

5- Since you produced a lot of different styles, what can the crowd expect from you at gig?
Nowadays I like to play more uplifting style. That’s because my set-times are different I play nowadays. With Progression we were the “warm up guys” aka “the fluffers” most of the time, because that suited our style and we did that at the Tiësto tour through Europe in 2006. Now I make a little more uplifting music myself, they put me later in the lineup and that will result in more uplifting tracks during my sets.

6- What were your highlights in 2009 until now?
I love traveling and doing gigs abroad. I just came back from South Africa which was totally awesome! I have played in Lebanon in August and that’s a great country as well. It’s always great to meet new people and especially if they come for the same music I love. That’s a strong connection! I see every gig as a highlight. I really hope I can do this for a loooong time.

7- We see you started your DJ Mag campaign this year. You never did that before under you other aliases, why?
Yes I did. The list is getting more important each year. Back with Progression we were more focusing on the producers side of the job. Now my goal is to become more familiar as a DJ as well. I don’t know if I make it in the list, but at least I tried. That’s what counts!

8- Which track of yours you think will be stuck in people’s mind ?
I hope every track will, but I recently made a track called “B52” together with a friend of mine, Rene Havelaar. That is a really catchy melody in my opinion. I couldn’t sleep the night after we made it. It was just calling me from out of my studio all night… I went out of bed and I looped the melody for half an hour. After that I managed to catch a little sleep again.

9- Do you think new producers are doing a good job in the Trance scene? And what do you think about the sound quality they are releasing, especially that most of them are using only software, which is replacing hardware with today’s technology!
I think they really do a good job! As you see the playlists of the “big” ones, you see all new and upcoming names, which is great! They quality gets better and better. Hardware has still some extra touch in my opinion, but you can hardly point a hardware track out of the software ones nowadays.

10- Did you start music production just like today’s new producers?
Yes! I was always interested in music. I was always taping music and mix it with 2 decks, it was messy but fun. When a friend gave me “ Screamtracker” by then, (that was more than 15 years ago) I was able to put my sounds in 4 different tracks WOW! It was more creating noise than making music. But I at least had something!

11- What does your studio include today then? What’s your favorite equipment?
I have a Virus TI2, which is really great. I use that in most of my tracks. Besides that I work with Ableton which works great for me. I really love that program!! I can spend the whole weekend with Ableton :)

12- What are your inspirations? And do you listen to other genres of music?
I have a lot of inspirations, like things in the daily life. But also the traveling inspires me a lot! I really like Radiohead, Portishead, Royksopp and Bjork for example and also 80’s music, all the stars from 20 years ago. They have all a EDM touch in my opinion. I also listen dutch music once a while. Can be fun as well, but not too long….

13- Any favourite Producer at the moment? And if you wanted to collaborate with someone, who would it be with?
Sander van Doorn. He is always smiling, he has a great style and he is an amazing producer as well!

14- What do you enjoy more? DJiing or music production? And do you think DJs should be also producers? And..how about producers..do they have to be DJs?
Ooooooooooooooh! Hard question dude! :) I really love both. I can’t live without one of the 2 to be honest. I know it’s a pathetic answer, ( the world ends in 2012 anyway, so who cares?) but I can’t decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DJ’s should be producers, producers don’t have to be DJ’s.

15- We see that you post monthly promo mixes on your webpages..but you don’t have any radio shows..why?
I do have my radioshow. ´The beauty of Sound´. It’s broadcasted on Danceradio.gr each month for example and a few other stations as well.. I also have my own podcast with that show.

16- You do music for living? Any activities/hobbies you do in your free time?
I work 3 days for a boss besides music, as a graphic designer. This combination works for now perfectly. I have plenty of time for producing and traveling and I have a steady income, so no panic with a month with less gigs. Besides that I love playing soccer, fitness, gaming, movies, series, hanging out with friends. I am never bored.

17- You came to Lebanon a month ago..What were your expectations? ? Have you heard anything from other DJs about Lebanon’s crowd? And how did it go? Tell us more about your experience.
I knew they loved to party, but like THIS? Wow. They just keep on going. The party was a little less crowded than expected unfortunately, but the atmosphere was great! I saw all the same people who came to the gig I played the day after at another gig (Sasha & Digweed), like there didn’t anything happen the day before. Respect! My friend and promoter Roger showed me the country and it was absolutely stunning. We have been to the “El Grotto” cave which was awesome. And we saw most of Beirut, great city and really nice people. Oh, and the most beautiful girls on this planet! Whoaaaaaa! I felt like mr Hefner for a while.

18- It was great chatting with you Daniel! Any final words for your fans?
Thanks man, it was my pleasure!! I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the support, votes, etc, I just couldn’t do it without all the people who supported me! Mucho gracias! X
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Re: 1 on 1 with Daniel Wanrooy?

Postby Raneem » Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:21 am

Daniel is a great guy! Funny and friendly! I met him when he came to Lebanon a month ago!
great productions!
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Re: 1 on 1 with Daniel Wanrooy?

Postby crow » Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:45 am

Great interview :)
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Re: 1 on 1 with Daniel Wanrooy?

Postby A-Cube » Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:56 pm

Solid interview Raneem, I didn't think you had it in you :mrgreen: . Daniel seems to be a very cool person. And why is it that all the DJs either work as computer engineers or in something "arty"?? Just a question :P
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